Titanic People

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia
Thomas Andrews
Managing Director of Harland and Wolff
He went down with the titanic. Survivors reported seeing him in first class encourgaing passengers to get to saftey. 
His body was never recovered. 
Source: Wikipedia
Captain Edward John Smith
Captain of the R.M.S Titanic
He also went down with the ship, according to survivors he was in a state of shock towards the end. 
He was last seen on the bridge of the ship.
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J. Bruce Ismay
Managing Director of the White Star Line 
Bruce Survived.He was reported to of help launch the lifeboats. He ecscaped the sinking of Titanic in collapsible lifeboat C at around 1.40am
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Jack Phillips 
Senior Wireless Operator
had stayed at his post,along with his co-worker Harold Bride until the final moments. Both made it to a lifeboat but Phillips was very weak and died before carpathia arrived.
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Frederick Fleet
The first to spot the iceberg, Fleet survived. The other three lookouts Archie Jewell,Reginald Lee and George Symons also survived. Although Reginald Lee died of pneumonia just sixteen months while he was serving on another ship.
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Wallace Hartley
Band Leader 
Wallace died when the ship went down, as did all seven other members of his band. His body was recovered on 4th May and he was buried in his hometown of Colne in Lancashire, U.K
Mrs Margaret Brown
"The Unsinkable"
First Class Passenger 
She was turned into a major celebrity after the sinking. She became chairman of the survivor's committee and helped raise funds for destitute survivors. She was given the nickname Molly by the press. She died in 1932 at the age of 65 and her story was turned into a stage play.
Source: Wikimedia
John Jacob Astor IV
First Class Passenger
He was the richest man on the ship, According to Archbald Gracie he was seen helping with wife into a lifeboat and was heard to be asking second officer Lightoller is he could get into the lifeboat. Lightoller replied  "No, sir, no man is allowed on this boat or any of the boats until the ladies are off." Mr Astor . His body was recovered a week later.