Titanic Construction

In the 1900's there was harsh competition in the shipping industry. Mr Bruce Ismay, owner of the white star line, needed a plan to get ahead of the game. A ship that was bigger, better and even more faster so he turned to Harland and Wolff. They have been building ship for over half a decade and had built ships for white star line before. William Pirrie brought an idea forward, not to build one giant ship but an entire fleet. These ships would be called the Olympic class ships. They would be the biggest most luxurious ships afloat. In a meeting with Mr Pirrie,Bruce Ismay had already thought of the names of these huge ships. They both agreed to named the ships Olympic, Titanic and Gigantic.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Harland and Wolff had to completly re-build the shipyard in order to build these big liners. Construction began in 1908 with Olympics keel being laid first. Titanic's keel was laid on the 31st march 1909. Titanic was built with 16 water tight compartments. Each watertight door was equipped to withhold water to a certain level, the door would automatically shut from a switch on the bridge. With these doors closed the ship would stay afloat with either the any two compartments flooded or the first four compartments flooded. The Ship was constucted with a double hull,designed to accommodate water for use in the boilers and additional water to provide ballest.Titanic was also fitted with 24 double ended boilers which sat in six boilers room. Part of Mr Pierre's plan were that titanic had four funnels to make her look a lot larger, even thou the last funnel was used only for ventilation. Titanic was launch on the 31 May 1911. One hundred thousand people show up to cheer from the dock along with hundreds of journalists from all over the world. After the launch,it took another year for hundreds of designers and craftsmen to create Titanic's luxurious cabins and staterooms. By the 1st of April 1912 Titanic was complete. She now needed to be tested for sea worthiness and she passed with flying colours. On the evening of 2nd April Titanic left Belfast for Southampton, in just over a week her passengers would board.   

Source: Wikipedia