April 14th 1912. Titanic was sailing at nearly top speed despite having numerous ice warning. The morning started with Sunday breakfast followed by a church service. A lifeboat drill was scheduled for that day but was cancelled for unknown reasons. The night of April 14th was a clear,calm and flat sea. Which is thought to be the most dangerous weather for vessels. At 11.40 pm lookout Fleet Spotted at break in the horizon. He immediately called down to the bridge, “ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD!!” First officer Murdoch was in charge of the bridge,given the order to reverse the engines and hard to starboard. Murdoch also closed the watertight doors. Titanic begun to swing to the left but not far enough. Titanic scraped the side of iceberg, unknown to Murdoch, Titanic was mortally wounded.

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Titanic was designed with the up most technology, Titanic was built with 16 watertight compartments. With these doors closed the ship would stay afloat with either the any two compartments flooded or the first four compartments flooded. The First 6 were flooding, sealing Titanic's Fate.

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Captain Smith had awoken, Murdoch explained to the captain and gave the order to “sound the ship” Thomas Andrews would be the man to do just that. He knew every rivet of Titanic and could give an accurate measurement of Titanic situation. Thomas Andrews had given the news every was dreading, Titanic was doomed and was going to sink within 2 hours. Captain smith orders the bride ,the wireless operator to message for help. By this point the water had already risen to 14 feet in front of the ship. Captain Smith was informed that the nearest ship could get to her in 4 hours, Smith order for the lifeboat to be uncovered and ready for launch. There was only engough lifeboats for half the people on board.Smith ordered the wireless to send put a "CQD" to all near ships.

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At 12:45am the first lifeboat was launch with only 12 people with room for 65 people. Passengers were so convinced that Titanic was unsinkable so they didn't feel the need to get on to lifeboats.Smith ordered for flare rockets to be fired and light signals to start.

1:30am, at which point there were only a couple of boats left. As the ship sunk even further there was wide spread panic across the whole ship. The ship band continued to play without care for saving there own lives.

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It was now 2:10am, as the sea swallowed the ship even further the last lifeboat was launched with 1,500 so left onboard. Their fate is sealed. According to other ships this was the last time they heard Titanic's call for help. Captain Smith announced the crew were relived of they duties. “Everyman for himself, every man for himself. According to testimony he suffered some kind of nervous collapse. Not much is known of Captain Smith last moments but it is believed is last last seen on the bridge as the ship went down. His body was never recovered.

'Men, you have done your full duty, you can do no more. Abandon your cabin. 

You look out for yourselves, I release you. That's the way of it at this kind of time. Every man for himself.' 
Capt. E.J. Smith 

2:20am, this was Titanic's very few moments, she stood out of the water under the weight pressure spilt the Titanic in two. Then rested level and finally sank. The people in the water were slowly freezing to death. An hour later the Carpathia saw rockets and light for the lifeboats. One by one the Carpathia picked up the survivors and full steamed towards New York.



Just hours after the tragedy,news of the Titanic hit land,due to poor communications news was reported that Titanic had struck an iceberg and has took minimal damage, She was being towed to New York. History will tell you that this was not the case, further news come through that Titanic had sunk with great loss of life. The whole world was shocked. According to experts the news of the Titanic was compared to the shock of September 11th 2001. Hundreds of people rushed to White star line offices and newspaper offices in order to find more information about they families. 


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Age/Gender Class Number aboard Number Saved Number Lost
Children First Class 6 5 1
  Second Class 24 24 0
  Third Class 79 27 52
Women First Class 144 140 4
  Second Class 93 80 13
  Third Class 165 76 89
  Crew 23 20 3
Men First Class 175 57 118
  Second Class 168 14 154
  Third Class 462 75 387
  Crew 885 192 693
Total   2224 710 1514

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