Myths Of The Titanic 


 Almost immediately after the sinking, Titanic had become the subject of various conspiracy,theories and supposed curses.

  • Several catholic workers at Harland and Wolff walked out as a result of anti-Catholics slogans painted on board; this graffiti was noted by crew members at queens town. One work was alleged to have said. “This ship will not finish its first voyage”.
  • The construction of the ship was so rapid that at least one worker was sealed up in the hull and left to die.
  • The hull number 390904 when shown in a mirror,could be read as 'NO POPE' and therefore was blasphemous and certainly unlucky.
Source: Wikimedia
  •   There was a cursed Egyptian mummy on board,which inspired the sinking of the Titanic and getting revenge on its owner.

  • Normally ships are christened by smashing a bottle of champagne, Titanic did not have such ceremony.

  • A large amount of passenger had cancelled their journey at the last minute including J.P Morgan, the owner of the International Mercantile Marine, his reason being that he felt unwell after business negotiations.
  • The Titanic and Olympic were switched during the second occasion on which both were in dry dock in Belfast following the loss of the Olympic's propeller. The argument goes that as a result of the Olympic 's collision with the HMS Hawke,the condition of the liner was much worse than generally accepted and a result the company would find it difficult to obtain insurance cover for the ship. The switch was arranged so that the compromised Olympic would sail as the brand new ship, and therefore easily insured Titanic and when insurance assessors came to look at the Olympic (ex- Titanic), they would see a ship for which insurance could easily be given.   
Source: Wikipedia