Its April 14th 1912, Titanic's maiden voyage. She had been delayed due to Olympics collision with the HMS Hawke in September. Titanic sets sail at noon, all of a sudden she has a near collision with the steamer New York. Due to Titanic's massive propeller the New York snapped from its moorings and floated towards Titanic. Titanic Later sailed to Cherbourg,France and then later to Queens town, Ireland this would be the last time Titanic would dock.


The first few days of the voyage were uneventful. The Captain increased Titanic's speed day by day.Unknown to the passengers a fire in the coal bunker had been raging since Southampton.



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Life On Board 

As the Titanic and her sister had been designed for luxury and primarily not for speed, she was fitted out to a standard that far exceeded that other other liners. She was provided with a squash court, separate libraries for all three classes, a Turkish bath, gymnasium and a swimming pool.

The first class dinning room which seated 532, was situated on D deck, and was the largest room on board. The Most sumptuous part of Titanic's interior was the forward Grand Staircase,which was located between the first two funnels. The Grand Staircase started from the boat deck and extended down as far as E deck. Decorated with gilded balustrades and fitted with oak panelling, it was topped with a wrought iron and glass dome. The highest landing was a large panel containing a clock supported by the allegorical figures of Glory and Honour.   

    Rates for sailing on Titanic were as follows:    
  Dollars (1912) Dollars
Pounds (1912) Pounds (Today)
First Class $2,500 $27,200 £870 £71,778
Second Class $60 $12,000 £13 £1,123
Third Class $40 $900 £9 £777

Every room was furnished in period detail down to the last doorknob. Fine fabrics and carpets, carved wood and stained glass. Walking around Titanic your path would be lit by dozens of gold plated crystal chandeliers. Three electric elevators took first class passengers down five decks to their cabins. Most of the top four decks were reserved for first class, but even rooms deep in the hull were lit by rows of portholes cunningly hidden by glass panels. Even steerage passengers had more luxury onboard Titanic then they would at home.  


"I enjoyed myself as if I were on a summer palace by the seashore surrounded by every comfort. I was up early before breakfast and met the professional racquet player in a half hour's warming up prepority for a swim in the six foot deep tank of saltwater heated to a refreshing temperature." 
-Colonel Archibald Gracie, Titanic Survivor

"You could actually walk miles along the decks and passages covering different ground all the time. I was thoroughly familiar with pretty well every type of ship afloat but it took me 14 days before I could, with confidence, find my way from one part of that ship to another." 
-Charles Lightoller, Second Officer aboard Titanic