Its 1912.The Titanic is the lagest moving object built by man. This is her maiden voyage. The celebrated captain is planning to retire after completing the journey. The passengers are some of the wealthiest people in the world and some of the poorest. Hopeful immigrants in search of a new life. The Ship steams across the Atlantic at nearly top speed. An iceberg sits directly in her path, The collision mortally wounds the ship. There are only enough lifeboats for half the people on board.1500 souls are lost. The confidence of an age is shattered.

49° 56' 49" W, 41° 43' 32" N

Source: Wikipedia

"She has been a ghost for 96 years, a silent phantom sailing on a voyage she will never complete. For 96 years she has rested on the sea floor, a silent tombstone, marking the graves of the 1,523 souls who parished with her, and a silent reminder of one of mankind's greatest triumphs and greatest tragedies. She is the legendary RMS Titanic"

This Site Is Dedicated to Those who perished on that fateful Night.

In Memory Of Those Who Lost Their Lives On April 14 & 15th 1912.